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A unique celebration for your child's event

Welcome to the Old City of Jerusalem,
the suitable place to celebrate the bar/bat mitzvah for your child.

The Culinarium manages to be a parachute combination of the region's long history and tradition with an innovative, fun, delicious, and extraordinary experience that everyone will remember!

So what do we have here?

Do you want an event that will keep being talked about?

Our 3 options for a great celebration


Dairy Brunch

The Culinarium specializes in dairy brunches and breakfasts in our Ancestral hall that is specially adapted for brunches with a great atmosphere and view.

The brunch is served buffet style in the Ancestral hall or the yard.
Special fish dishes, excellent portions of pasta, sandwiches, quiches, salads, kinds of cheese, and bread while a barista position will accompany your meal with indulgent coffee.

Mehadrin Kosher - Agudat Israel Badatz

Minimum 25 people

225 NIS per person