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Old Jerusalem

The Biblical Experience

The Upper City Workshop

Step into a time capsule

An extraordinary journey through time, where the splendor of Jerusalem's Second Temple days comes to life. Delight in our workshop and immersive meal, where you'll unlock the secrets of the biblical kitchen, cook and savor a regal feast.

How will it look and feel?

Image by Olga Bast
Image by Rafał Rudol

A Tour

​Start with a captivating journey through time and explore the upper city's ancient stories in the City of David or the Burnt House Museum.


​Welcoming entrance

Feel the royal welcome with candles and torches as you enter the Culinarium as experienced by the city's elites.


Ritual & Appetizers

Enjoy a delightful ritual as the beadle washes your hands, followed by tantalizing appetizers and wine. Indulge in a feast for the senses.

Image by Conscious Design

The Workshop

Join Dr. Tova Dickstein, an esteemed expert in biblical cuisine, as your workshop moderator. Discover the secrets of the ancients as you're divided into groups to cook four biblical dishes. Dr. Dickstein will enchant you with the dish's origins, weaving parables and captivating stories into the culinary experience.

A Royal Dinner

Gather at a grand table, following the ancient order of the Second Temple. Costumed waiters serve your prepared dishes, accompanied by exquisite biblical-inspired main courses.
Sip on flowing wine and indulge in delightful biblical desserts for a sweet finale.