Contemporary events 

We invite you to enjoy an event in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, close to the Western
Wall and overlooking the spectacular view of Jerusalem.

Our rich menu is fitting for many events. Whether a family event or a business outing, all will enjoy the beautiful hall, high level of service, and most importantly – a special atmosphere for your meal.

The Culinarium is a home for events and quality meals with many options. We will personally assemble the menu that suits your guests into a perfect meal.  Meat chef meals, gourmet milk\vegetarian meals, a distinct menu for every part of the day, a large buffet, and more!


At the bottom of this page, you can find examples of our menus.


Looking for an event with full production? We are at your service to arrange busses, Old City of Jerusalem tours, lectures, as well as other activities. We will take care of everything!

All that is left for you is just to come and enjoy.

Our unique complex

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The Lobby

A spacious, intimate, and warm area near the entrance. Seating is large sofas around wide tables

Up to 50 diners


The Kings' Hall

The Kings' Hall is on the top floor, facing a breathtaking view of the Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives, designed as a Biblical palace

Up to 75 diners


The Balcony

A panoramic balcony, roofed and air-conditioned, overlooking the spectacular view of the Old City of Jerusalem.
On the balcony, the seating is around the spacious knight table

Up to 30 diners

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The Courtyard

​Under large awnings, a large courtyard paved with Jerusalem stones, that is perfect for an event during the warm seasons

Up to 40 diners

On the menu

Image by Zoran Borojevic