Our fully and exciting biblical experience

Get ready for a special and exciting culinary experience that will allow you to step into the Royal- Biblical world. The Culinarium is designed in a Biblical and royal style. Beautiful costumes are at your disposal, ready to conceal any sign of modernity.

 Flanked with the stunning view of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, the King’s Hall is filled with tables set with delicious food. During the meal, you will enjoy the music played by a talented harpist, and the king’s servant will present our unique dishes.

Let us bring you back to the past through tastes and smells that will expand your imagination and open your heart. The chef’s specialties will be served to your table by jovial costumed waiters.

Your first course will be a lentil stew or date latkes, followed by the same enjoyable meat dishes as the Kohanim. For dessert, fruit from the seven species of Israel, wafers in honey, and wine from royal pitchers and goblets.


 Biblical style decor 

The King's Hall and the whole Culinarium are designed in a Biblical-royal style. The dishes, the plants, the music, and the scenery will combine to enable a very touching experience.

 A procession of musical instruments 

As proper for princes approaching their dinner in the palace, your walk will be accompanied by costumed musicians, playing the shofar and the horn.

 Biblical character in a play 

You can choose any Biblical character that will greet you as you enter and even perform a short skit that is written especially for you!

 Biblical-Royal Chef Dishes 

Our chef's dishes are made from Biblical ingredients, the smells and the tastes will take you back to the marvelous Biblical world.
You are welcome to check out the menu.

 Biblical costumes 

The waiters, the Biblical chef, and the guests will all look glorious dressed in our costumes and make your event truly Biblical.

 Harp melodies 

A professional harpist, dressed in white, will play sweet and ancient tunes during your meal.

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Image by Annie Spratt

On the menu

An example of the "King David" meal menu